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Мне кажется, некоторые найдут эту информацию полезной - список сайтов асексуальных знакомств.


So, I just came across this thread on AVEN where someone listed a bunch of potential dating/friend-finding sites that Aces could find useful. I'm posting the list here for all of you who may want to check them out. Keep in mind that I have not road-tested all of these yet.

  • Acebook - Formerly (?) A-Date; is a free dating site for asexuals, including integrated forums and chat software. .
  • Affectionate Friends is “a different kind of dating site”, made for people (not necessarily asexuals) who want to share time and affection without worrying about sex or commitment. 
  • Asexual Pals is an informal introduction service that brings together asexual and celibate people for romantic and platonic relationships.
  • Asexualitic describes itself as “the first free dating site for asexual people”, although technically it was released after the creation of A-Date, which is also free.
  • Celibate Passions is a dating and networking site for celibate people looking for platonic relationships. It comes with chat, message boards, and email.
  • Platonic Partners is a website celebrating celibate, platonic relationships, and allowing users to meet other like-minded people without the stresses of having to sexually perform. They are asexual-friendly and come with health resources and a newsletter.

Не знаю, существуют ли подобные сайты в рунете, если вы знаете какой-нибудь, можете смело добавлять в комментариях :)

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И все-таки пригодился тот опрос про гендер участников сообщества.
Как выяснилось, у нас много гендерквиров. И на дайри теперь есть сообщество трансгендеров. Берем всех - бинарных и небинарных, транссексуалов и трансвеститов, пост-опов и нон-опов, андрогинов и бигендеров.

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Также наша реклама размещена тут: feministki.diary.ru/

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